Onyx & Jade is a California based online fashion retailer that was born in 2019 by two longtime friends having a casual conversation.

Our mission is to bring together that east coast urban swag and west coast lifestyle at an affordable price.  Hence our name Onyx (NY) and Jade (California). We hope to combine the best of both worlds as New Yorkers living in California.

Our collections are inspired by the fashion trends we absolutely love. As co-founders we work collectively to hand pick every single piece which ensures that they are all staple pieces we would have in our wardrobes. We believe fashion should be effortless and we hope Onyx + Jade can help you achieve just that with pieces that are sure to make you look your best. Whether your style is relaxed and casual or sleek and sexy. We have something for you.

As a Latina/Woman- founded business we hope to empower women to look and feel the best version of themselves. With outfits that make you look your best so that you can go out there and kill it.